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Religious fervor is at the root of the fighting and, indeed, was the cause of the initial disaster that has turned a once-great land into a battle zone. The war has many fronts, not just physical hostilities but also the mental scars of abuse. Des is haunted by a demonic apparition, Agatha and her sisters are reduced almost to animals. The Southern Union is not a perfect haven, either; prejudice towards immigrants from Avolon is not hard to find.

Zak Webber


A riveting storyline with deep psychological messages interwoven with contrasting light humor bits. Excellent characterization that draws one to have a strong emotional tie with certain characters and against others. The first book leaves one excited for more to come. I definitely recommend supporting the artist's Patreon, if you can. A masterpiece is brewing, here...

Ryan Maxwell


As an avid sci-fi reader, I enjoyed the world-building, artwork and character development in this graphic novel. This is obviously the beginning of a much longer saga, leaving me wanting more!

Clayton Groom